Automatic Air Conditioner Protector Standard/Inverter

  • If you are using Inverter type Air Conditioner, must specify in note.
  • One Year warranty for all Automatic Protectors.
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Dolphin (Automatic Air Conditioner Protector (AAP) is designed to protect Air Conditioners against the hazards of over-voltage and over-current caused by under-voltage.The fully automatic operation of the protector (AAP) now enables its use at places where ordinary circuit breaker could not be used, because of tripping problems. We Design PRotectors for both type of Air Conditiones (Standard AC and Inverter type AC), must specify in Note section which type of Protectors you want to buy.
Dolphin (AAP) protects against short circuit before it occurs.


The Dolphin (AAP) comes in an ergonomic direct-mounting palm size case.
Dolphin (AAP) supplies power to the Air Conditioner, as long AC main voltage remains between 180V and 265V.
In case the line voltage falls below 180V and stays there for longer than 0.3 seconds continuously, the supply to the Air Conditioner will be cut-off. The Dolphin (AAP) will automatically resume supply to the load once the line volts are normal. No manual intervention is needed.
Similarly, if the line voltage rises above 265V and stays there for longer than 0.3 seconds continuously, the supply to the Air Conditioner will be cut-off. Again, automatic resumption of supply to the load will take place after the line voltage is normal.

However it will wait for approximately 3 minutes to protect the compressor motor. If power is resumed after more than 3 minutes, the protector will wait for 1.5 seconds only to prevent power back surges reaching the Air Conditioner. Reset time varies with the nature of fault, i.e. bigger voltage dip causes a longer time.
One unique feature of the design is inverse delay response characteristic. The tripping time of 0.3 second reduces proportionally to the depth of under-voltage or the height of over-voltage.


When green light illuminates, it indicates that Dolphin (AAP) detects a normal Line voltage.
The light indicates Dolphin (AAP) is protecting your Air Conditioner from a damaging over/under voltage condition.
After your Dolphin (AAP) has detected a damaging voltage it has delayed the resumption of power supply for approx. 180 sec. to protect the compressor motor.


1. Peel the power cable of Air Conditioner.
2. Unscrew the four screws on the base plate and lift the top cover.
3. Using long nose pliers, guide wires into the terminal jacks as:-

Red (L)

Black (N)

Green (E)

4. Using the flip head screwdriver tighten the screws.
5. Place the top cover back in place & tighten the four screws on base plate.


ELECTRICAL (Standard Air Conditioner / Inverter Type Air Conditioner

Operating Range for AC/Inverter Type 171 to 265 Vac / 141 to 265 Vac
Under-voltage Trip 170 / 140 Vac
Under-voltage Reset 180 / 150 Vac
Over-voltage Trip 265 Vac
Over-voltage Reset 255 Vc
Tripping Time 0.3 sec
Reset Time approx.* 180 sec

* Reset time varies with the nature of fault


Color Beige, Light Grey
Dimensions 114 x 114 x 30 mm
(excluding pins)
Weight 213 g
Operating temperature 0°C to 60°C
Storage temperaturet -20°C to 80°C
Relative Humidity 10 to 80%

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