Company Profile

Multi Teck was formed with the aim of contributing our due share in national self-reliance on the technical front.

In the last several years, despite the crucial economical conditions of the country, Multi Teck Industries has successfully designed, manufactured, and delivered quality electronic products for local market and the industry. The emphasis has been on least reliance on imported materials and a gradual development of local infrastructure of quality mechanical manufacturing, which is non-existent.

The products manufactured by Multi Teck Industries are in no way inferior to any imported equivalent; rather, based on design keeping in view the environmental conditions and power supply of our country, they perform much better.

Our main line of production includes:

  • Electronic Ballasts (6 Watt, 10 Watt, 20 Watt, 36/40 Watt)
  • Tube Light Fixtures (1 foot, 2 feet single and double, 4 feet single and double)
  • Current Limited Battery Chargers,
  • Protectors for air-conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, and office equipment,
  • Switch-mode and Linear Power Supplies,
  • Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS).

Following is the brief detail of our products:-

Electronic Ballast

To drive a fluorescent lamp, the electronic ballast, with respect to the magnetic ballast, presents the following features: reduced ballast loss (higher efficiency) and weight, facility on lamp power control, more efficient tube ignition, no flickering and operating conditions improving lamp life.

Because of the power losses in conventional ballast it has banned in most the developed countries in the world.

Electronic Ballast has main role in lightening industry. This product has lot of potential and our company has main focus on it.  

Battery Chargers

Designed for 12V and 24V battery banks, these chargers have a unique current limited feature. In case a battery draws more than the rated current, instead of tripping, the charger keeps charging the battery at limited current

Protection Devices

This device is developed looking at our rough power supply conditions, and the damages sustained by the electrical and electronic appliances, and has the following advantages over the circuit breakers commonly used for protection of air-conditioner, etc.

  • The circuit breakers are current based. Since the current requirement of the load varies widely, because of make, size, aging, it is not possible to provide a precise cut-off. We have based our criterion on voltage and it is precise up to 1%.
  • Further, the current-based devices start working after a fault has occurred in the appliance and it is taking more than the rated current. The voltage-based device prevents the appliance to operate on under or over voltage eliminating the fault before it occurs.
  • If the wiring is inadequate for the load, heating and short circuiting may occur. The circuit breaker has no protection against this problem. Our protector senses the extra drop on the line.
  • The most important feature of these protectors is automatic resetting after the voltage is normal. In case the voltage is reinstated after a short time, the protector waits for 3 minutes to protect the compressor.

Under the brand name of DOLPHIN, we have developed three models:

ModelAppliancesMax. CurrentReset TimeUnder VoltageOver Voltage


AAP Air-conditioner 20A 180 sec 180 V 265 V
DF Refrigerator, 6A 180 sec 180 V 265 V
Deep Freezer
DE Fax, Printer, 6A 10 sec 175 V 255 V
PABX, Photo
copier, etc.


Power Supplies

Multi Teck has developed and manufactured a wide range of Linear and Switch-mode power supplies meeting both industrial and military specification. Our supplies are designed keeping in mind the stringent local conditions of temperature (55°C ambient)  and rough AC mains (± 20%) and perform better than the imported ones.  

UPS (Un-interruptible Power Supply)

We offer low-cost, low-maintenance backup power systems in 500W and 1000W models with full-load backup times up to 5 hours. These UPS are suited for use with computers and other office machines as well as electrical loads like lights and fans.